Arab States Broadcasting Union

Arab States Broadcasting Union
Logo of ASBU.png
FormationFebruary 1969; 52 years ago (1969-02)
TypeUnion of broadcasting organisations
HeadquartersTunis, Tunisia
  • 22 active members
Official language
Abdelrahim Suleiman (2015–)
Arab States Broadcasting Union building in Tunis

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) is an Arab joint-action institution related to the League of Arab States and the Pan-Arab Association of Public Service and Commercial Broadcasters. Founded in February 1969 in Khartoum, ASBU is a professional organization with the objective of strengthening ties and promoting cooperation among broadcasters in the Arab States for better production and content development. ASBU provides important services such as engineering and consulting services, radio and television exchange of news, programming and sports, as well as radio and TV training. It also strives to acquire broadcasting rights at preferential rates for a number of competitions and sports events to the benefit of its members, as well as to ensure the appropriate broadcasting coverage of such events.[1][2]

ASBU Members

Its headquarters are in the Tunisian city of Tunis.


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