Arabs in Italy

Arabs in Italy
Arabi in Italia
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Arab people, Arab diaspora, Arab Americans, Arab Argentine, Arab Brazilian, Arab Canadians, Arab Mexican

Arabs in Italy (Italian: Arabi in Italia, Arabic: عرب إيطاليا‎) recently expatriates from a range of Arab countries, particularly Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, Palestine, and Iraq, and also small groups from Jordan and Sudan. As a result of mixed marriages and naturalization, the category includes many Italian nationals and second-generation children of expatriates.


In the 9th century AD Arabs settled in mass on the Island of Sicily and formed the independent Islamic Emirate of Sicily[2]. During this period there were several attempts to invade the mainland one of the most notable examples of this was the Emirate of Bari.[3] Arabs have significantly impacted the genetics of the Island of Sicily as well as neighboring areas.[4]

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