Arshak II (opera)

A page from the opera's score.

Arshak II is the first Armenian classical opera, written by Tigran Chukhajian and T. Terzian in 1868. Its libretto is based on historical reports about King Arsaces II (Arshak II), written by Movses Khorenatsi and Pavstos Buzand.

"Arshak II" is the first “Armenian grand opera” with choruses and ballets. It was partially staged in 1873, assembled on November 29, 1945 at the Armenian Opera Theater in Yerevan and was awarded by the USSR State Prize in 1946. Arshak II is a "gem" of Armenian musical culture. In 2001, it was staged at the San Francisco Opera. Pavel Lisitsian, Mihran Yerkat, Tigran Levonyan were among the performers of Arshak's role.


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