Azim Gheychisaz

Azim Gheichisaz
Azim Gheichisaz.jpg
Azim Gheichisaz (2016)
Personal information
Born1981 (age 37–38)
Tabriz, Iran
Climbing career
Known forFirst Iranian to climb all 14 eight-thousanders

Azim Gheychisaz (Persian: عظیم قیچی‌ساز‎; born 1981, in Tabriz) is an Iranian mountain climber and the summiter of all 14 Eight-thousanders. He is a member of Iranian national mountaineering team. By 2017, he has successfully completed ascent to all of 14 peaks over 8,000 m, he did all of those ascents without supplementary oxygen, without Hi-porters.

Azim successfully completed his 2nd ascent to mount Everest in 2016, this time without bottled oxygen or Hi-porters.[1][2]
in 19 May 2017 Azim conquers Lhotse at 12:12 in local time. He became the first Iranian who climbed all 14 of the world's 8000 meter plus mountains and also joined the 8000 club.[3]


He was born on 1981 in Tabriz, Iran. He graduated from technical high school with a degree in machinery. He is student of Physical Education at University of Tabriz

Successful ascents

Azim's successful ascents include following peaks [4]


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