Bōyo Islands

Coordinates: 34°5′16.53″N 132°41′24.45″E / 34.0879250°N 132.6901250°E / 34.0879250; 132.6901250

The Bōyo Islands (防予諸島, Bōyo-shotō or Hōyo-shotō[1]) are a group of 41 islands that belong to Yamaguchi and Ehime Prefectures in the Inland Sea.

They Consist of

  • Heigun-tō, 平郡島
  • Suō Oshima Islands
    • Suō-Ōshima, also called Yashiro Island
    • Nasake-jima, 情島
    • Okikamuro Island, # 沖家室島
    • 3 others
    • 5 in Kumage group
  • Kutsuna Islands (29)
    • Nakashima Island (Ehime)
    • Kuwaji Island, 津和地島
    • Newaji Island, 怒和島
    • Futakami Island, 二神島
    • Muzuki Island, 睦月島
    • Nogutsuna Island, 野忽那島
    • Yuri Island, 由利島
    • Tsurushi Island, 釣島 (uninhabited)
    • Gogo Island, 興居島 (uninhabited)
    • Hashima Island (Yamaguchi), 端島 (山口県) (uninhabited)
    • Hashira Island, 柱島
    • 18 more uninhabited


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