Baenan language

Native toBrazil
Extinctca. 1940
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Baenan (Baenã, Baenán, Baena) is a poorly attested language of Brazil. The last remaining speaker lived in Bahia, Brazil in 1940. The language of this speaker was associated with the Baenan language as the last members of the Baenan tribe lived in Paragaçú, Bahia, near where the language was attested. There are nine known words of Baenan:[2]

  1. eželẽ - deer
  2. bakurí - venison
  3. kelemés - fire
  4. patarak - jaguar
  5. kadašužé - black person
  6. bonikro - pig
  7. pititiɲga - rat
  8. pitirát - monkey
  9. šẽšẽ - bull


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