Bareqi Arabic

Bareqi Arabic
Native toBareq
Native speakers
60,000[citation needed]
Arabic alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Bareqi Arabic (Arabic: لهجة بارقية‎) is the variety of Arabic spoken in Bareq, Saudi Arabia. It is spoken in many towns and villages in that wadi.


Bareqi Arabic has many aspects that differentiate it from all other dialects in the Arab world. Phonologically, Bareqi Arabic is similar to the majority of Saudi Arabia dialects and Himyaritic language. All Bareqi dialects also share the unusual feature of replacing the definite article al- with the prefix am-. The dialects of many towns and villages in the wadi and the coastal region are characterized by having changed ج (//) to a palatal approximant ي [j] (called // yodization).


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