Barrackpore Trunk Road

Barrackpore Trunk Road
BT Road
Barrackpore Trunk Road - Panihati - North 24 Parganas 2012-04-11 9471.JPG
BT Road, Panihati
Native nameবারাকপুর ট্রাঙ্ক রোড
Maintained byBarrackpore Municipality, Titagarh Municipality, Khardaha Municipality, Panihati Municipality, Kamarhati Municipality, Baranagar Municipality and Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Length18.50 km (11.50 mi)
LocationGreater Kolkata (North 24 Parganas district and Kolkata district), India
Nearest Kolkata Metro stationBaranagar(under construction), Shyambazar
north endBarrackpore
south endShyambazar

Barrackpore Trunk Road[1] ( BT Road) is a four-laned road in Kolkata, India. It connects Shyambazar 5-point Crossing with Barrackpore Chiria More. BT Road is a part of both State Highway 1 and State Highway 2.

BT Road at Dunlop Mor in Baranagar

Dunlop Mor (Baranagar) is the largest crossing on BT Road.[2]

Areas served


Academic building of Indian Statistical Institute on B.T. Road, Bonhooghly


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