Barringer Medal

Barringer Medal
Awarded forOutstanding work in the field of impact cratering
Sponsored byBarringer Crater Company
Presented byMeteoritical Society
First awarded1984

The Barringer Medal recognizes outstanding work in the field of impact cratering and/or work that has led to a better understanding of impact phenomena.[1] The Barringer Medal and Award were established to honor the memory of D. Moreau Barringer Sr. and his son D. Moreau Barringer Jr. and are sponsored by the Barringer Crater Company. The medal is awarded by the Meteoritical Society. The senior Barringer was the first to seriously propose an impact origin for the crater that now bears his name.

Barringer Medal Winners

Barringer Medal Winners
Year Name[2]
1984 Eugene M. Shoemaker
1985 Robert S. Dietz
1986 Donald E. Gault
1987 Wolf J. von Engelhardt
1988 Michael R. Dence
1989 Virgil E. Barnes
1990 Richard A. F. Grieve
1991 Victor L. Masaitis
1992 Edward C. T. Chao
1993 Dieter Stöffler
1994 D. W. Roddy
1995 William A. Cassidy
1996 F. Hörz
1997 T. Ahrens
1998 B. A. Ivanov
1999 H. Jay Melosh
2000 Ralph Belknap Baldwin
2001 Alexander T. Basilevsky
2002 Bevan M. French
2003 Graham Ryder
2004 Peter H. Schultz
2005 Billy P. Glass
2006 Robert M. Schmidt
2007 Christian Koeberl
2008 Frank T. Kyte
2009 Wolf Uwe Reimold
2010 William K. Hartmann
2011 Bruce F. Bohor
2012 Jan Smit
2013 Walter Alvarez
2014 Alex Deutsch
2015 Natalia Artemieva
2016 Keith Holsapple
2017 Akira Fujiwara
2018 Thomas Kenkmann
2019 Mark Cintala

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