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The Belgian official journal in 2010

The Belgian official journal (Dutch: Belgisch Staatsblad, French: Moniteur Belge, German: Belgisches Staatsblatt) is the official journal of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is where the official publication of laws, royal decrees, decrees, ordinances, and official notices are published. The publication is handled by the Federal Department of Justice.

Content and history

Any new law or changes to it made by the government can only take effect once it has been published in the Staatsblad/Moniteur. Other legal formalities about which the Belgian people need to be informed, including activities such as starting a business, are also published in this paper. Also published are Court mournings after important deaths, and official banquets at Court, with transcripts of speeches.

The journal was established on 16 June 1831. During World War II, the journal was published separately but under the same title by both the Belgian government in exile and the occupying authority. In order to distinguish between the two, the government-in-exile version is retrospectively entitled Belgian Official Journal (Exile Government).[1] To save money, the paper version of the Staatsblad/Moniteur was replaced by an electronic equivalent in 2003, which is available to the public on the Internet.


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