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Belgischer Rundfunk
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OwnerGerman Community of Belgium
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Belgischer Rundfunk (BRF) (Belgian Broadcasting) is the public-service broadcasting organisation serving the German-speaking Community of Belgium. Based in Eupen, with additional studio facilities in Sankt Vith and Brussels, BRF produces one television and three radio channels.


German-language broadcasts were first started in Brussels by the Nationaal Instituut voor Radio Omroep / Institut National de Radiodiffusion (NIR/INR) on 1 October 1945. In 1960, the NIR/INR became Belgische Radio en Televisie / Radio-Télévision Belge (BRT/RTB) and in 1961 RTB began a German-language radio channel, broadcasting from Liège.

In 1977, the German-language service was separated from RTB – which became Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté française (RTBF) – and BRT, which became Vlaamse radio en televisie (VRT) - and the new company, Belgischer Rundfunk, began broadcasting from Eupen. For some years afterward, it continued to use BRT/RTB's old stylised "ear" logo long after its French and Flemish sisters dropped it.

In October 1999 BRF-TV was created; it broadcasts by cable in the East Cantons. On 15 November 2001, BRF and Deutschlandfunk Cologne began BRF-DLF, a radio station in Brussels for German-speakers in that area.


BRF House Eupen


The group participates in two more projects:


  • BRF TV broadcasts locally produced news and documentary programmes and can only be received fully via cable, Proximus TV and VOO digital TV. Their news program is also broadcast twice a day on the Euronews channel of the free-to-air DVB-T service of the RTBF.[1]


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