Belgium–Luxembourg relations

Map indicating locations of Belgium and Luxembourg


Diplomatic mission
Embassy of Belgium, LuxembourgEmbassy of Luxembourg, Brussels
Thomas AntoineJean-Jacques Welfring

Belgium–Luxembourg relations are the bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Both countries have a history of close cooperation, notably within the Belgium–Luxembourg Economic Union, Benelux and within the European Union.

Belgium has an embassy in Luxembourg and Luxembourg has an embassy in Brussels. The Belgian ambassador to Luxembourg is Thomas Antoine.[1] The Luxembourg ambassador to Belgium is Jean-Jacques Welfring.[2]

Belgium and Luxembourg share a land border. On the Belgian side of the border, nearly all of it is with the province of Luxembourg; a small part in the north is with the German-speaking municipality of Burg-Reuland in the province of Liège.

Maison du Luxembourg in Brussels, which houses the Luxembourg Embassy to Belgium.

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