Belouizdad, Algiers

Belouizdad بلوزداد is located in Algeria
Belouizdad بلوزداد
Coordinates: 36°45′13″N 3°03′44″E / 36.753542°N 3.062278°E / 36.753542; 3.062278
 • Total44,050
Time zoneUTC+1 (West Africa Time)
Belouizdad street, main hub of Belouizdad, Algiers

Mohamed Belouizdad (in Arabic بلوزداد) is a quarter of Algiers, Algeria in Algiers Province. The quarter was formerly known as Belcourt during the French colonisation period. It was renamed as Hamma-El Annasser (in Arabic الحامة-العناصر) after Algerian independence, before the present name Belouizdad was adopted in 1992 in honour of the Algerian militant and nationalist Mohamed Belouizdad who lived in the quarter.

Mohamed Belouizdad Street and Hassiba Ben Bouali Street are the two main arteries for the quarter that also has a seashore stretch on the Mediterranean coast. Important places in Belouizdad include the Hamma National Library, the Botanical Garden Hamma (in Arabic حديقة التجارب, pronounced Hadiqat at Tajareb, or Jardin d'essai in French, literally The Test Garden), the Hamoud Boualem soft drinks factory and headquarters, the August 20, 1955 Stadium (in French Stade 20 août 1955) as well as Hotel Sofitel. The quarter also has a famous cave known as Cave Cervantes where the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes hid from the Turkish authorities but was recaptured when he famously attempted to flee back to Spain.

Belouizdad is served by 4 stations of the Algiers Metro, namely Jardin d'essai Station, Hamma Station in Belouizdad itself and Aïssat Idir Station and 1er Mai Station in the nearby Sidi M'Hamed municipality. The area is also served by two aerial tramway systems, the Téléphérique d'El Madania, inaugurated in 1956, and Téléphérique du Mémorial inaugurated in 1987 linking it to the Botanical Garden and the Martyrs' Memorial in Algiers that oversees the quarter.

The quarter is also home to two sports organisations, CR Belouizdad (Chabab Riadhi Belouizdad or just Belouizdad) and OMR El Annasser (Olympic Mostakbel Ruisseau El Annasser)


Known personalities from the area include:


Coordinates: 36°45′13″N 3°03′44″E / 36.75361°N 3.06222°E / 36.75361; 3.06222

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