Cover Art for Biebel 25 - Opgeruimd
Publication information
Publication date1983-2002
Creative team
Created byMarc Legendre

Biebel is the title character of a Flemish satirical comic strip series written by Marc Legendre, under the pseudonym of Ikke. It was created in 1983 for the magazine Robbedoes[1] and was published until 2002.

Biebel successfully appeared in 28 comic albums published by Standaard Uitgeverij, the first of which was released in 1985, and the series were also published in the magazine Suske en Wiske Weekblad.


Biebel is a bald headed boy with a sarcastic attitude towards life. His best friend Reggie is more happy and carefree and thus an irritation to Biebel. Many Biebel comics are gag-a-day pages, but some are longer stories.

Comic Albums

  1. De Biebelstory
  2. De Biebeltochten
  3. De Biebelsporten
  4. Op Bijna Algemene Aanvraag
  5. De Biebelfeesten
  6. De Biebelromances
  7. Schoolonzin
  8. Euh?
  9. Kort Geknipt?!
  10. Het Avontuurlijke Avontuur
  11. Biebel Tegen Ted Vedet
  12. Sportkot
  13. Snotneuzen In De Sneeuw
  14. Om Te Stelen
  15. Bangelijk
  16. Mafkees
  17. Dinges
  18. Mislukt
  19. Slapmans
  20. Parels Voor De Zwijnen
  21. Kassa Kassa
  22. Soepvlees
  23. Een Beetje Feest
  24. Virus
  25. Opgeruimd
  26. Halve Zolen
  27. Paladijs-eiland
  28. De doos


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