Bigelow Cooper

Bigelow Cooper
Satan on Earth (1919) - 2.jpg
Freddie Verdi and Cooper in Satan on Earth (1919)
Jackson Bigelow Cooper

December 21, 1867
Resting placeKensico Cemetery, Westchester County New York, USA
Years active1904-1927

Jackson Bigelow Cooper (December 21, 1867 – 1953)[1] was an American stage and screen character actor prominent in the silent film era.


Born in Springfield, Ohio in 1867, Cooper's early acting experience came in stock theater, including acting with the first stock company at the Murray Hill Theater in New York City.[2]

He began in films in 1911 and worked for such companies as Edison and Vitagraph.

In 1915 Cooper and a friend were nearly killed in a road accident when their car overturned trapping them underneath. They were evidently not seriously hurt.[3]

Selected filmography


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