Bobrovytsia railway station
Bobrovytsia railway station
Coat of arms of Bobrovytsia
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 50°44′42″N 31°23′13″E / 50.74500°N 31.38694°E / 50.74500; 31.38694Coordinates: 50°44′42″N 31°23′13″E / 50.74500°N 31.38694°E / 50.74500; 31.38694
OblastChernihiv Oblast
RaionBobrovytsia Raion
Founded11th century
 • Total11.43 km2 (4.41 sq mi)
(January 1, 2017)
 • Total11,214

Bobróvycja (Ukrainian: Бобро́виця), is the city center of Bobrovytsia Raion within Chernihiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. It sits next to the Bystrytsya River. Population: 11,289 (2015 est.)[1]

In 1614, it was a royal city of Poland however later it became a part of the Kiev Voivodeship until 1667, when it passed to Russia.


The Ancient origins of Bobrovystia is known from the archaeological ruins of a settlement dated from the 11th-13th centuries.

In the 16th century, Bobrovytsia was a town in the Kyiv province of the Commonwealth.

According to Polish illustrations "Bobrowica" in 1618 had about 107 homes.[2] According to another Polish illustration in 1628, the town was inhabited as early as the year 1600.[3]

Name Origins

On the origin of the name of the city Bobrovytsia there is no reliable data. There are only guesses that the settlement was called such from the beaver crafts made in the city, near the Bistrica River to the middle of the 19th century which was called Bobrovytsia.

Geography and Climate



Population: - Ukrainian (92%, 2001)

  • 2.9 thousand. (1859) [4]
  • 5.1 thousand. (1897) Orthodox - 4.4 thousand., Jews - 0,7 thousand.[5]
  • 7.0 thousand. (1926) [6]
  • 9.4 thousand. (1959)
  • 14.5 thousand. (1988)
  • 11.9 thousand. (2005)
  • 11.3 thousand. (2016) [7]

Native Language Distribution (2001)

Ukrainian Russian
97,22% 2,31%



Historical Sites






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