Bogdan II of Moldavia

Bogdan II
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Prince of Moldavia
Reign12 October 1449 – 17 October 1451
PredecessorAlexăndrel of Moldavia
SuccessorPeter Aaron
Died17 October 1451
FatherAlexander the Good (?)

Bogdan II (1409 – 17 October 1451) was a prince of Moldavia from October 12, 1449 to October 17, 1451.


According to some historians, he is the bastard of Alexander the Good, his mother being unknown. On the contrary, according to the others, he is the Alexander the Good’s brother. Bogdan the II is the father of the Stephen the Great.[1] He was in very good relationship with Iancu de Hunedoara, who supported him in taking the throne. He was married with Doamna Oltea (Lady Oltea), who monked under the name of Maria and died on November 4, 1465, being buried at the Probota Monastery of Suceava County.


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Preceded by
Prince/Voivode of Moldavia
Succeeded by
Petru Aron

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