Boris Dorfman

Boris Dorfman
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Michael Dorfman May 2010 by Maria Dorfman
Born(1923-05-23)23 May 1923
ResidenceLviv Ukraine

Boris (Boruch) Mendelevich Dorfman Russian: Борис (Борух) Менделевич Дорфман Yiddish: באָריס (ברוך) דאָרפמאַן‎; born 23 May 1923, in Cahul, Bessarabia)[1] was a Jewish public figure, writer, scholar of Jewish culture, and social activist.

He authored about 1000 articles on Jewish issues in Yiddish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and German for publications including Birobidzhaner Shtern and Советиш Геймланд.[2] One of the founders of Shofar, the first Jewish newspaper in the former USSR.[2]

He was the father of American publicist Michael Dorfman.


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