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Former Coat of arms during French colonisation

Bouzaréah is a suburb of Algiers, the capital of Algeria, North Africa, and its eleventh district. It had a population of 69,200 people in 1998[1] and an altitude of over 300 meters AMSL. The city's name is Arabic and means "of the grain" or "from the grain". The embassies of Niger, Oman, and Mauritania are located there.


The city shelters several notable institutions:

  • The Algerian Space Agency
  • The Research center in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics (CRAAG, former Observatory of Algiers)
  • The normal School for Teachers of Algiers-Bouzaréah, created by imperial decree on March 4, 1865
  • The Tele Algerian Diffusion
  • The broadcast transmitting station of the operator of mobile telephony Djezzy, subsidiary of Orascom Télécom Algeria, which is the largest telephone operator in Algeria.
  • The Department of Sciences of Education - the University of Bouzaréah
  • The Superior school of Bank
  • The basilica Notre Dame d'Afrique
  • The forest of Baïnem


Frederic Sy was a French astronomer who published scientific articles from 1894 to 1918 about comets and asteroids. He worked at the astronomical observatory the Research center in Astronomy, Astrophysique and Geophysics (CRAAG, formerly the Observatory of Algiers) and was a colleague of François Gonnessiat. He discovered two asteroids, which he named:

Historical population

Year Population
1954 15,600
1987 60,400
1998 69,200


Former coat of arms

The first quarter is red, the heraldic color of Africa with a tower to represent a fort located in the city. The second quarter is green, of sinople with a kouba to point out the koubbas of Sidi-Nouman inter alia. With the third district, sinople cypresses to point out the wooded solid mass which covered formerly all the "Bouzaréah". With the fourth district the crescent of Islam with the stars which refer to the Observatory of the Celestial Village on blue of France.

This coat of arms was made by Théo Bruand d' Uzelle in 1993.


El Kalimat School, an English-language international school, is in the commune.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°47′N 3°01′E / 36.783°N 3.017°E / 36.783; 3.017

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