Brandenburgisch dialect

Brandenburgian, Brandenburgisch
German: Brandenburgisch, Märkisch-Brandenburgisch
Native toGermany
RegionBrandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Map of the Low German Dialects.svg
Low Saxon and Low Franconian dialects after 1945 and forceful expulsions of Germans
 (9): North Brandenburgian (Nordbrandenburgisch), North-Markish or North Märkisch (Nordmärkisch)
 (10): Middle Brandenburgian (Mittelbrandenburgisch), Middle-Markish or Middle Märkisch (Mittelmärkisch)

Brandenburgian,[1] Brandenburgish or Brandenburgisch is a dialect spoken in Germany in the northern and western parts of Brandenburg (Uckermark, Prignitz and Mittelmark regions) as well as in northern Saxony-Anhalt (Altmark). The language area can be further divided between into North-Markish (Stendal, Wittenberge, Prenzlau) and Middle-Markish (Brandenburg an der Havel).

Brandenburgish was the East Low German dialect of the Brandenburg margraviate, but it has been much influenced by the East Central German dialects and by Standard High German. With the development of the Berlin metropolitan area the original Brandenburgisch together with Berlinerisch has formed the local Lausitzisch-Neumärkisch dialects, which today are considered an East Central German subgroup. The spread of Lausitzisch-Neumärkisch into the Brandenburgish language area is an ongoing process.


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