Brown Lake (Stradbroke Island)

Brown Lake
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Brown Lake is located in Queensland
Brown Lake
Brown Lake
LocationNorth Stradbroke Island, Queensland
Coordinates27°29.5′S 153°25.9′E / 27.4917°S 153.4317°E / -27.4917; 153.4317Coordinates: 27°29.5′S 153°25.9′E / 27.4917°S 153.4317°E / -27.4917; 153.4317
Basin countriesAustralia
Max. length1 km (0.62 mi)

Brown Lake is a lake on North Stradbroke Island, in Queensland, Australia. There are fish in the lake.[1]

Known as a perched lake like other lakes on the sandy islands in the regions of South-East Queensland and Wide Bay-Burnett, it retains its water due to a layer of leaves lining the lake floor.[2] This is particularly apparent in the Brown Lake as tannins exuded from the leaves which fall from the surrounding Paperbark Melaleuca and Tea-trees Leptospermum stain the water to a rich brown colour similar to that of tea.

Because of the high levels of organic material in the lake's waters it is considered to be warm monomictic.[3]

Aboriginal significance

Brown Lake is very significant to the people of Quandamooka, particularly Dandrubin-Gorenpul and Noonucal Aboriginal groups. The Aboriginal people of the Brown Lake area, the Quandamooka people, associate the area very strongly with women and children, only women can speak for Brown Lake and women are responsible by Law to care for manage the lake and its resources.[citation needed]

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