Brussels by Night

Brussels by Night
Directed byMarc Didden
Produced byErwin Provoost
Written byMarc Didden
Dominique Deruddere
StarringFrançois Beukelaers
Ingrid De Vos
Amid Chakir
Music byRaymond van het Groenewoud
Edited byLudo Troch
Release date
  • 1983 (1983)
Running time
92 min.
LanguageDutch, French

Brussels by Night is a Belgian drama film from 1983, directed by former Humo journalist Marc Didden. The low budget picture was financed partly by Herman Schueremans, organizer of the Flemish rock festival Rock Werchter. The film was named after a 1979 song by Raymond van het Groenewoud, who also wrote the soundtrack for the movie.[1][2][3]

Brussels by Night was important in Belgian film history because its bleak, grey atmosphere and stream of consciousness structure were a sharp contrast with the more conventional films the country produced up to then.


Brussels 1983. Max, an assassin, is seriously depressed. He tries to commit suicide by sticking a gun in his mouth, but when the gun jams he cries nevertheless. We follow him as he travels through Brussels without any goal and provokes everyone he meets. His mood changes at the most unpredictable moments. Max meets two people, Alice, a bar keeper, and Abdel, her customer of Moroccan descent, who both fancy her as their mistress. The climax of the story takes place on the Ronquières inclined plane.


  • François Beukelaers: Max
  • Johan Joos: Station assistant
  • Mariette Mathieu: Lady in train
  • Daniël Van Avermaet: Taxi chauffeur
  • Michiel Mentens: Louis
  • Nellie Rosiers: Josephine-Charlotte
  • Marleen Merckx: Waitress
  • Ingrid De Vos: Alice
  • Amid Chakir: Abdel
  • Bernard Van Eeghem: Night club bouncer
  • Jan Reussens: Receptionist
  • Fred Van Kuyk: Jules
  • Machteld Ramoudt: Sister Alice
  • Liliane De Waegeneer: Ecologist at party
  • Paul Pauwels: Blonde boy at party
  • Jim Van Leemput: Parking meter man
  • Josse De Pauw: Man in laundrette
  • Jaak Pijpen: Guide in Ronquières
  • Ronny Waterschoot: Police officer
  • Guy Mortier: Assistant-judge
  • Senne Rouffaer: Judge
  • Brendan Fonteyne: Son of Max
  • Fransceska Buelens: Wife of Max


  • 1980: Staatsprijs for Best Script
  • 1983: Best Debut Filmfestival of San Sebastian
  • 1983: Silver trophy Spanish Federation of Ciné-Clubs at the Filmfestival of San Sebastian
  • 1983: André Cavens Prijs: Best Belgian film (Belgische Unie van de Filmkritiek)
  • 1984: 'Outstanding Film of the Year' Filmfestival of Londen


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