Budukh people

Будад – Budad
Buduq kəndi XX əsrin əvvəllərində. Buduqlular milli geyimdə.png
Total population
approx. 1,000
Regions with significant populations
Budukh, Azeri
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Jeks, Kryts people, Lezgins, Khinalug people, Shahdagh people.

The Budukhs (Budukh: Будад, Budad) are an ethnic group primarily from the mountainous village of Buduq in northeastern Azerbaijan, one of the Shahdagh peoples. They speak the Budukh language, which is a Northeast Caucasian language of the Lezgic branch. The Azerbaijani language is widely spoken.

The Budukh people are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslims.


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Further reading

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