Bulgarian diaspora

Map of the Bulgarian diaspora in the world (includes people with Bulgarian ancestry or citizenship).
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The Bulgarian diaspora includes ethnic Bulgarians living outside Bulgaria and its surrounding countries, as well as immigrants from Bulgaria abroad.

The number of Bulgarians outside Bulgaria has sharply increased since 1989, following the Revolutions of 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe. Over one million Bulgarians have left the country, either permanently or as a temporary workforce, leading to a marked decline in its population. Many took advantage of the US green card lottery system. Also, many Bulgarians immigrated to Canada using the advantage of the Canadian immigration point system for skilled workers. Others went across the European Union. In countries such as Germany and Spain where many Bulgarians work and stay there intermittently, while retaining Bulgaria as their permanent residence. This trend increased following the 2007 enlargement of the European Union, when Bulgaria became a European Union member state.

Most of the causes for the spread of the post-1990s Bulgarian diaspora throughout the EU member states and North America have been related to work and education. Therefore, the majority of the emigrants have been allowed residence in other countries on skilled worker or student basis. That includes people of various skills - lower education workers (which usually deal with utilities and housekeeping), plumbers, construction workers, gardeners, handymen, maids, as well as a substantial amount of higher-education specialists - usually from the areas of engineering, computer science, chemistry and medicine.

The largest communities of the Bulgarian diaspora in the Western part of the European Union are in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Other places that attracted Bulgarian immigration are Australia, New Zealand, South America (especially Argentina and Brazil), South Africa, and some expats in United Arab Emirates.

The numbers of Bulgarians living abroad has been reported in vastly different numbers by varying groups such as the government and various NGOs, leading to some criticism.[1]

Distribution by country

Country Bulgarian Citizens Ethnic Bulgarians Article
Turkey Turkey 700,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarian Turks in Turkey and Bulgarians in Turkey
Greece Greece 300,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Greece
United States United States 300,000 (in 2011)[2] 95,588[3]
2010 US Census
Bulgarian Americans
Spain Spain 250,000 (in 2011)[2] 150,878 (in 2011)[4] Bulgarians in Spain
Germany Germany 226,926 (in 2016)[5] Bulgarians in Germany
United Kingdom United Kingdom 100,000 (in 2011)[2] 35,000 (in 2009)[6] Bulgarians in the United Kingdom
Italy Italy 100,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Italy
Canada Canada 70,000 (in 2011)[2] 30,485 (by ancestry, 2011 Census)[7] (official data) Bulgarian Canadians
North Macedonia North Macedonia 500,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in North Macedonia
Cyprus Cyprus 35,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Cyprus
Netherlands Netherlands 34 809 (in 2019)[8] Bulgarians in the Netherlands
Russia Russia 32,265 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Russia
France France 30,000 (in 2011)[2] 34,000 (in 2011)[citation needed] Bulgarians in France
Moldova Moldova 20,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Moldova
South Africa South Africa 20,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in South Africa
Austria Austria 18,481 (in 2014)[2] Bulgarians in Austria
Belgium Belgium 18,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Belgium
Australia Australia 15,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarian Australian
Portugal Portugal 15,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Portugal
Serbia Serbia 150,000 (in 2011)[2] 18,543 (2011) [9] Bulgarians in Serbia
Poland Poland 14,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Poland
Sweden Sweden 9,105 (in 2016)[2] Bulgarians in Sweden
Israel Israel 7,500 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarian Jews in Israel
Switzerland Switzerland 4,500 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Switzerland
Denmark Denmark 4,200 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Denmark
United Arab Emirates UAE 3,500 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in UAE
Czech Republic Czech Republic 3,206 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Czechoslovakia and Bulgarians in Czech Republic
Republic of Ireland Ireland 3,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Ireland
New Zealand New Zealand 3,000 Bulgarians in New Zealand
Hungary Hungary 2,800 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Hungary
Argentina Argentina 2,500 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Argentina
Romania Romania 2,000 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Romania
Norway Norway 1,800 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Norway
Slovakia Slovakia 1,800 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia 1,500 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Slovenia
Syria Syria 1,200 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Syria
Lebanon Lebanon 1,000 Bulgarians in Lebanon
Jordan Jordan 1,000 (in 2011)[2]
State of Palestine State of Palestine 1,000 (in 2011)[2]
Finland Finland 1,000 (in 2011)[2]
Uruguay Uruguay 1,000 (in 2005)[10][11] to 2,000 persons (1998)[12] Bulgarians in Uruguay
Latvia Latvia 921 (2011 est.)[13]
Luxembourg Luxembourg 800 (in 2011)[2]
Kuwait Kuwait 700 (in 2011)[2]
Qatar Qatar 600 (in 2014)[14]
Mexico Mexico 500 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Mexico
Ukraine Ukraine 420 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Ukraine
Japan Japan 350 (in 2011)[2]
Morocco Morocco 312 (in 2011)[2]
Croatia Croatia 872 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Croatia
Brazil Brazil 277 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Brazil
China China 256 (in 2011)[2]
Egypt Egypt 250 (in 2011)[2]
Nigeria Nigeria 250 (in 2011)[2]
Indonesia Indonesia 235 (in 2011)[2]
Algeria Algeria 200 (in 2011)[2]
Tunisia Tunisia 200 (in 2011)[2]
Chile Chile 200 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Chile
India India 104 (in 2011)[2]
Belarus Belarus 100 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Belarus
Kosovo Kosovo 100 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Kosovo
South Korea South Korea 100 (in 2011)[2]
Cuba Cuba 65 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Cuba
Yemen Yemen 60 (in 2011)[2]
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 50 (in 2011)[2]
Vietnam Vietnam 50 (in 2011)[2]
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia 44 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Bosnia
Armenia Armenia 30 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarian Armenians in Armenia
Albania Albania 2,600 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Albania
Georgia (country) Georgia 25 (in 2011)[2]
Montenegro Montenegro 25 (in 2011)[2]
Iran Iran 20 (in 2011)[2]
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 20 (in 2011)[2] Bulgarians in Kazakhstan
Ethiopia Ethiopia 16 (in 2011)[2]
Pakistan Pakistan 11 (in 2011)[2]
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 8 (in 2011)[2] 2,166 (in 1989 Soviet Census)[15]
Mongolia Mongolia 6 (in 2011)[2]
Afghanistan Afghanistan 2 (in 2011)[2]
Nicaragua Nicaragua 50 Bulgarians in Nicaragua
Singapore Singapore 350 Bulgarians in Singapore
TOTAL 2,000,000 - 2,500,000 Bulgaria Bulgaria: 7,380,000 (in 2011)

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