California College of Music

California College of Music (abbreviated CCM) is a contemporary popular music school[1] in Pasadena, in Los Angeles County, California. It opened its doors in 1998 as the Pasadena International Music Academy, and changed its name to California College of Music in 2008.[2] It currently offers six-quarter Associate of Arts degrees in music performance (voice, guitar, bass, drums, and piano/keyboards) as well as four-quarter Diploma and two-quarter Certificate programs.[3]


The current faculty includes Craig Pilo and Ray Yslas, drums; Jetro da Silva and Allesandro Bertoni, piano; Phillip Ingram, Oren Waters, Carol deLeon, Kevin Dorsey, Jude Crossen, Bobby Halvorson, and Moana Avvenenti, voice; Uros Raskovski, Byron Fry, and Travis Newlon, guitar; and Daniel Brummel, bass.[4]

Coordinates: 34°08′42″N 118°07′45″W / 34.145098°N 118.129072°W / 34.145098; -118.129072


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