Capitoline Wolf, Chișinău

Capitoline Wolf
Lupoaica Capitolină
Chișinău (19777317505).jpg
Current statue
LocationCentral Chişinău
DesignerAlexandru Plămădeală
Materialbronze, stone
Length1.14 metres (3.7 ft) (bronze)
Height0.75 metres (2.5 ft) (without the pedestal)
Beginning date1921
Completion date1923
Opening dateSeptember 20, 1926
Dedicated toUnion of Bessarabia with Romania

Coordinates: 47°01′22.53″N 28°49′42.75″E / 47.0229250°N 28.8285417°E / 47.0229250; 28.8285417 The Capitoline Wolf (Romanian: Lupoaica Capitolină) is a monument in Central Chişinău, Moldova. It is located in front of the National History Museum of Moldova.


During the first decades of the 20th century, Italy donated to Romania five copies of the Capitoline Wolf, which were installed in Chişinău (1921), Bucharest (1906), Cluj-Napoca (1921), Târgu Mureş (1924) and Timişoara (1926). In Chişinău, the monument was completed in 1923 and placed in front of Sfatul Țării Palace. In 1940, at the beginning of the Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, the copy from Chişinău was destroyed.

In 1990, Romania donated a new copy of Capitoline Wolf to Moldova. This statue was unveiled in front of the National History Museum of Moldova on December 1, 1990.

Restoration 2005-2009

Soon after 2005 election, the bronze statue was removed from its pedestal for restoration in April 2005. The monument was stored in the basement of the National History Museum and the restoration depended on the political context. The monument was re-unveiled just on December 1, 2009, a few months after July 2009 election, when the Alliance For European Integration pushed the Party of Communists into opposition.


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