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Carole Ruggier is a British born actress of Maltese, Italian and Irish descent. As a casting director, director, and voice actress, she is known for her work on award winning video games. Notable voice roles include Athena in God of War, God of War II and God of War (2018), and Auntie Dot in Halo: Reach.' TV roles include playing Amanda Carter, mother of Peggy Carter - Hayley Atwell and Michael Carter - Max Brown in Agent Carterepisode "Smoke & Mirrors", and multiple voice and sketch appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live 'ABC'


Ruggier trained as an actress at The Arts Educational School in London and worked extensively in theatre in leading and character roles. Productions include Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night, The Cherry Orchard, The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan,The Card adapted by Joyce Holliday, Outskirts by Hanif Kureshi, Stags and Hens by Willy Russell, Trafford Tanzi, Good Golly, Miss Molly, I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, Lady Audley's Secret, The Country Wife, The Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Gypsy, and The Threepenny Opera. In the USA, plays include The Secret Rapture by 'David Hare, Disneyland It Ain't by Sue Townsend, Chamber Music', Mary Barnes and Alfie. She has produced plays in Florida, London and Los Angeles, including Take 5, Beached, Disneyland It Ain't, Cochon Flambe, Solos in Harmony and Nagasaki Dust.

Her first TV role was as a policewoman in Tucker's Luck BBC TV, followed by Life Without George and two BBC TV mini series Love and Reason, starring Phyllis Logan and Campion: Death of a Ghost, starring Peter Davison.[1] TV appearances in the US include Jimmy Kimmel Live, Oh Baby, No Greater Love, It's a Miracle and Arrest & Trial. Most recently, she appeared as Peggy Carter's mother in Marvel's Agent Carter for ABC. Films include, Living out loud directed by Richard LaGravenese, Reeker, Love on the line, Blackmail, Abruptio, Wonderland it Ain't, Dallas Biters Club and American Snapper. She co-produced the short film, Wonderland It Ain't, co-wrote Dallas Biters Club and in 2015, wrote, produced and directed the parody, American Snapper.

Her first role as a voice actress was in the 1995 video game MechWarrior 2 as the Narrator (aka Bitchin' Betty) and she was invited to reprise the role for MechWarrior Online in 2013. In 2002 she voiced Professor Jocelyn Peabody in the 26 episode animated TV series Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future.

Casting director credits include games such as Red Dead Revolver, Quake II, Devil May Cry 2, Quantum Redshift, Summoner 2, Red Faction 2, Age of Mythology, Maximo: Ghost to Glory, Steel Battalion, Conquest: Frontier Wars, Crimson Skies, StarLancer, Heavy Gear and several Tom Clancy games, including Ghost Recon, The Sum of All Fears, Rogue Spear, and Rainbow Six.

Before voicing Athena in God of War and God of War II, she had voiced the character of Athena in the 2002 game, Age of Mythology. She also voiced the character Aphrodite in the original God of War and the Geologist in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Although voicing Athena in both God of War and God of War II, she did not return for God of War III or the two PlayStation Portable installments. Before voicing Auntie Dot in Halo: Reach, Ruggier had only heard of Halo, but did not know what it was about until her husband "filled [her] in". She also cast and directed the voices for the games Freelancer, Dino Crisis 3, Devil May Cry 2, Chaos Legion, Combat Flight Simulator 2 and the GameCube remake of Resident Evil.[2]


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