Caspian race

Caspian race is a term used in racial anthropology by some authors[who?][year needed] to describe a sub-race of the greater Caucasian race.[1][2] The term is used by M. G. Abdushelishvili (1979) as constituting a branch of the Mediterranean race or Irano-Afghan race.[clarification needed][3] In Soviet-era anthropology, the term was used to include Tats and Azerbaijanis.[4]

The phenotype has been said to be prevalent among the Azerbaijanis,[5][6][7] Balochs,[7] Kurds,[6][7] Tats-Muslims.[7] Kumyks and Tsakhurs.[8][9] Genrietta Leonidovna Khit states that as a form of racial admixture the Caspian subtype is represented among Turkmens and Talyshs.[3][10]

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