Census in Botswana

The Population and Housing Census is a decennial census in Botswana run by the Central Statistics Office.


Botswana Population and Housing Census
YearPop.±% p.a.
1904 120,776—    
1911 124,350+0.42%
1921 152,983+2.09%
1936 265,756+3.75%
1946 296,310+1.09%
1956 309,175+0.43%
1964 549,510+7.45%
1971 596,994+1.19%
1981 941,027+4.66%
1991 1,326,796+3.50%
2001 1,680,863+2.39%
2011 2,024,787+1.88%

Bechuanaland Protectorate

The seven censuses of Botswana before its independence happened irregularly. Due to the Anglo-Boer War, the first census of Bechuanaland Protectorate, originally set to occur in 1901, took place on 17 April 1904.[1] The 1931 census was postponed to 1936 because of the Great Depression.[1] The early censuses were unreliable and took several years to tabulate; the results were outdated by the time they were calculated.


There have been five censuses after the independence of Botswana, each occurring every ten years in the year ending in 1 (i.e. 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, and 2011). The 1971 census was the first census in Botswana to use de facto enumeration; this method counts people based on how many people spent census night at a specific location. Previously, the citizens were counted based on their usual place of residence. The 2001 census was the first census in Botswana to comply with the SADC 2000 Census Project, the guidelines of which unify the demographic statistics in southern Africa. The most recent census was the 2011 Botswana Population and Housing Census, which occurred in August 2011.


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