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Administrative sectors of Chișinău with Centru in blue

Sectorul Centru is one of the five sectors in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova. The local administration is managed by a pretor appointed by the city administration. It governs over a portion of the city of Chișinău itself (central and western parts), and the suburban town of Codru. It is largely populated by Moldovans and Romanians.[citation needed]

Central Chișinău

Postal Office and Skytower

Central or Downtown Chișinău is the central business district of Chișinău, Moldova.


In central Chișinău are located the major governmental and business institutions of Moldova:

Monuments and memorials


Coordinates: 47°01′04″N 28°50′29″E / 47.0179055656°N 28.8412861211°E / 47.0179055656; 28.8412861211

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