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Charities Services
Ngā Rātonga Kaupapa Atawhai
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Agency overview
Minister responsible
  • Hon Peeni Henare[1], Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector
Agency executives
Parent agencyDepartment of Internal Affairs

Charities Services, formerly known as the Charities Commission, is a New Zealand government agency established by the Charities Act 2005. Its responsibilities include:

  • maintaining and monitoring a register of charities
  • receiving annual returns and monitoring the activities of charities
  • promoting public trust in charitable organisations
  • providing education and assistance to the charitable sector
  • encouraging best practice in governance and use of resources
  • providing advice on matters relating to charities.

Charities Services is a division of the Department of Internal Affairs and has an independent three-person Board to make decisions about registering or deregistering charities.


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