Chief of Defence (Belgium)

Chief of Defence
Dutch: Chef Defensie
French: Chef de la Défense
Admiral Michel Hofman

since 10 July 2020
Ministry of Defence
TypeChief of Defence
Member ofBelgian Armed Forces
Reports toMinister of Defence
Formation28 February 1958 (1958-02-28)
First holderLieutenant-General Jacques de Clarcq

The Chief of Defence (Dutch: Chef Defensie, French: Chef de la Défense), abbreviated as CHOD, is the professional head and commander of the Belgian Armed Forces. He is the highest official within the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff. He reports directly to the Minister of Defence and is responsible for advising the Minister, for the implementation of defence policy and for the administration of the department. The current Chief of Defence is Admiral Michel Hofman, since July 2020.[1]

Chiefs of Staff (1958−present)

No. Portrait Chief of Staff Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch Ref
Jacques de Clarcq
de Clarcq, JacquesLieutenant General
Jacques de Clarcq
28 February 195830 November 19591 year, 275 days Belgian Land Component
Baron Charles Paul de Cumont
de Cumont, Charles PaulLieutenant General
Baron Charles Paul de Cumont
9 December 195930 June 19633 years, 203 days Belgian Land Component
G. Wagner
Wagner, G.Lieutenant General
G. Wagner
1 July 196331 March 19651 year, 273 days Belgian Land Component
V. Dessart
Dessart, V.Lieutenant General
V. Dessart
1 April 196531 March 19682 years, 365 days Belgian Land Component
Baron Georges Vivario
Dessart, GeorgesLieutenant General
Baron Georges Vivario
1 April 196814 March 19723 years, 348 days Belgian Land Component
Armand Crekillie
Crekillie, ArmandLieutenant General
Armand Crekillie
15 March 197231 October 19797 years, 230 days Belgian Air Component
Willy Gontier
Gontier, WillyLieutenant General
Willy Gontier
1 November 197930 September 19822 years, 334 days Belgian Land Component
Baron Maurice Gysemberg [fr]
Gysemberg, MauriceLieutenant General
Baron Maurice Gysemberg [fr]
1 October 198221 July 19885 years, 265 days Belgian Land Component
José Charlier
Charlier, JoséLieutenant General
José Charlier
(born 1934)
22 July 198830 September 19957 years, 71 days Belgian Land Component
Willy Herteleer
Herteleer, WillyAdmiral
Willy Herteleer
(born 1941)
1 November 199531 December 20027 years, 91 days Belgian Navy
August Van Daele [nl]
Van Daele, AugustGeneral
August Van Daele [nl]
1 January 20031 April 20096 years, 90 days Belgian Air Component
Charles-Henri Delcour [nl]
Delcour, Charles-HenriGeneral
Charles-Henri Delcour [nl]
(born 1948)
2 April 200929 March 20122 years, 363 days Belgian Land Component
Gerard Van Caelenberge [nl]
van Caelenberge, GerardGeneral
Gerard Van Caelenberge [nl]
(born 1952)
13 July 201213 July 20164 years, 0 days Belgian Air Component
Marc Compernol [nl]
Compernol, MarcGeneral
Marc Compernol [nl]
(born 1957)
13 July 201610 July 20203 years, 363 days Belgian Land Component
Michel Hofman
Hofman, MichelAdmiral
Michel Hofman
(born 1961)
10 July 2020Incumbent271 days Belgian Navy[1]


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