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Clague is a surname of Manx origin. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur Clague (1915-1983), Archdeacon of Man (the Isle of Man)
  • Sir Douglas Clague (1917-1981), British entrepreneur in Hong Kong
  • Ewan Clague (1896–1987) American government official and economist
  • Frank Clague (1865–1952), U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Dr. John Clague (1842 - 1908) Physician and collector of Manx music[1]
  • Sir John Clague (1882 - 1958), a British Civil Servant engaged in the administration of Burma during World War II
  • John J. Clague (born 1946), Canadian authority in Quaternary and environmental earth sciences
  • John Clague (1928–2004), American artist and sculptor
  • Paul Clegg or Clague (b. 1817) a successful fishmonger in Liverpool, the great-grandfather of the Beatle Paul McCartney[2]



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