Cloud Eight Films

Cloud Eight Films Ltd.
  • Cloud Nine Films (2009)
  • Colson Films (2008-2009)
IndustryMotion picture
Founded19 December 2008; 10 years ago (2008-12-19)
FounderChristian Colson
Headquarters71 Queen Victoria Street, ,
United Kingdom
Area served
Products127 Hours, Steve Jobs, Selma, Trance Edit this on Wikidata
SubsidiariesSelma Films[1]

Cloud Eight Films (originally known as Cloud Eight) is a British production company founded on 19 December 2008 by Christian Colson, based in London, England. It is known for film such as 127 Hours, Selma and Steve Jobs and currently owns a sister production company named Selma Films.


The company was founded on 19 December 2008 in London, England by Christian Colson, who originally was Managing Director at Celador.[2] It was founded as Colson Films, but renamed on 28 March 2009 to Cloud Nine Films,[3] alongside setting up a first look deal with Pathé within the same month[4] and then to Cloud Eight Films on 19 November.[5] In February 2011, however, producer Ivana MacKinnon left the company to produce Cheerleaders 3D, to be directed by Tom Harper.[6] In May, author Monica Ali was reported to have sold the film rights of Untold Story to the company.[7]

On 7 October 2013 English filmmaker Danny Boyle was announced to be making a film based on documentary Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers with Cloud Eight Films to produce.[8] On 11 October, FX ordered a 10-part miniseries titled Telemark, through Boyle's Decibel Films and Cloud Eight Films.[9] In October 2014, FX granted both Colson and Boyle a first look deal, in which films would still be produced through Decibel Films and Cloud Eight Films, following their collaboration on Telemark.[10] On July 2015, Cloud Eight's Steve Jobs was announced as the Centerpiece for the New York Film Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.[11]


Year Film Director Distributor
2010 127 Hours Danny Boyle Fox Searchlight Pictures
Warner Bros.
2013 Trance Fox Searchlight Pictures
2014 Selma Ava DuVernay Paramount Pictures
2015 Steve Jobs Danny Boyle Universal Studios
2017 T2 Trainspotting TriStar Pictures
2017 Battle of the Sexes Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris Fox Searchlight Pictures


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