College of Marin

College of Marin
TypePublic community college
David Wain Coon, Ed.D.
Students10,040 (7,108 credit, 1355 non-credit, 1,577 community education)
Location, ,
United States

Kentfield (27 acres)

Indian Valley (360 acres)
Colors Black and Gold
NicknameThe Mariners
AffiliationsBay Valley Conference
Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

The College of Marin is a public community college in Marin County, California, with two campuses, one in Kentfield, and the second in Novato. It is the only institution operated by the Marin Community College District.

College of Marin has been in operation since 1926. Each semester, about 10,000 students are enrolled in over 1,100 credit classes. Approximately 100 international students participate in College of Marin's International Student Program. Nearly 6,000 students attend the college's community education and community services classes. College of Marin is known for its theatre department, which has the highest transfer acceptance to Juilliard of any two-year college in the nation.[1]


The College offers seventy Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs, and has established approximately 200 transfer agreements with the University of California, California State University, and private colleges. In addition, the College provides 35 two-year vocational and career programs, as well as providing basic skills, English as a second language education, and community education classes.

Kentfield campus main sign

Originally known as Marin Junior College when established in 1926, the College was renamed College of Marin in 1947. In 1985 College of Marin merged with Indian Valley College. This merger provided Marin residents with two campuses, the original campus located in Kentfield and the Indian Valley Campus in Novato. The two campuses serve a county population of approximately 250,000 residents.

The Echo Times

The Echo Times is the college's monthly student-run newspaper.


The College of Marin is governed as part of the Marin Community College District (MCCD), the community college district serving Marin County, California. MCCD is one of six California community college districts that is considered "basic aid", or "self-supporting", and therefore receives most of its operating revenue from local property taxes rather than State apportionment (since local property tax revenues exceed apportionment figures).

The MCCD is governed by seven members of a board of trustees elected at-large to four-year terms. Elections are held every two years, three members chosen the year after a presidential election and four chosen the year before. The students also elect one non-voting student trustee, who serves a one-year term and can participate in discussions and make and second motions so long as they are not related to real estate negotiations, personnel or collective bargaining.

Partial view of the Kentfield campus AC building





Notable alumni


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