Communes of Senegal

The Communes of Senegal are the fourth-level administrative divisions in Senegal (below country, region and department). There are some 121 communes in Senegal which have urban status (communes de ville), apart from 46 communes d'arrondissement in the large towns and 370 rural communities (communautés rurales) in the countryside.


Dakar Region

Dakar Department

  • Dakar (19 communes d'arrondissement)

Guédiawaye Department

Pikine Department

  • Pikine (16 communes d'arrondissement)

Rufisque Department

Diourbel Region

Bambey Department

Diourbel Department

Mbacké Department

Fatick Region

Fatick Department

Foundiougne Department

Gossas Department

Kaffrine Region

Birkilane Department

Kaffrine Department

Koungheul Department

Malem Hodar Department

Kaolack Region

Guinguinéo Department

Kaolack Department

Nioro du Rip Department

Kédougou Region

Kédougou Department

Salémata Department

Saraya Department

Kolda Region

Kolda Department

Médina Yoro Foulah Department

Vélingara Department

Louga Region

Kébémer Department

Linguère Department

Louga Department

Matam Region

Kanel Department

Matam Department

Ranérou Ferlo Department

Saint-Louis Region

Dagana Department

Podor Department

Saint-Louis Department

Sédhiou Region

Bounkiling Department

Goudomp Department

Sédhiou Department

Tambacounda Region

Bakel Department

Goudiry Department

Koumpentoum Department

Tambacounda Department

Thiès Region

M'bour Department

Thiès Department

Tivaouane Department

Ziguinchor Region

Bignona Department

Oussouye Department

Ziguinchor Department

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