Communist Party of Belgium (1989) Redirected from Communist Party (Wallonia)

Communist Party of Belgium

Parti Communiste de Belgique
LeaderArne Baillière
Founded1989 (1989)
Headquarters4 rue Rouppe Bruxelles Belgique 1000
International affiliationIMCWP

The Communist Party of Belgium (French: Parti Communiste de Belgique, or PCB; Dutch: Communistische Partij van België) is a political party in Belgium. It was founded in Wallonia in 1989 as the Communist Party of Wallonia after the Communist Party of Belgium was bifurcated along linguistic lines, and refounded as the PCB following the extinction of its counterpart in Flanders. Pierre Beauvois was the leader of the party to 2006.[1]

PC publishes Le Drapeau Rouge and Mouvements. It was part of the Party of the European Left until July 2018.[2] It ran candidates in the 2019 elections, often on the list of the Workers' Party.[3]


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