Comorian Union for Progress

Comorian Union for Progress

اتحاد جزر القمر من أجل التقدم
Union Comorienne pour le Progrès
HeadquartersMoroni, Comoros

The Comorian Union for Progress (Comorian: Udzima, lit. Unity;[1] French: Union Comorienne pour le Progrès, UCP) is a political party in the Comoros.


In 1978, French mercenary Bob Denard staged a coup d'etat against the socialist government of Ali Soilih, bringing Ahmed Abdallah back to power. In February 1982, Abdallah banned all existing political parties and created the UCP. In subsequent elections a month later, the UCP won 37 of 38 seats in the National Assembly, with the other seat going to an independent. In the 1987 parliamentary elections the UCP won all 42 seats. Another coup by Denard in 1989 brought Said Mohamed Djohar, who was also part of the UCP.

Multi-party politics was introduced in 1990 and Djohar was elected President. However, Djohar renounced the party in 1991. The party boycotted the 1992 parliamentary elections in protest at the government's refusal to update the voter roll.[2] However, it did contest the early elections the following year, winning two seats.[3]

The party was dissolved in October 1996 when it merged into the National Rally for Development.[4]

However, the party was later reformed, and contested the 2015 parliamentary elections, failing to win a seat. It nominated Said Ahmed Said Ali as its candidate for the 2016 presidential elections, but he failed to progress beyond the Grande Comore primary, only receiving 0.5% of the vote.

Electoral history

Presidential elections

Election Party candidate Votes % Votes % Result
First Round Second Round
1984 Ahmed Abdallah 99.4% Elected Green tickY
1990 Said Mohamed Djohar 44,845 23.1% 103,000 55.1% Elected Green tickY
1996 Omar Tamou 13.3% Lost Red XN
Mtara Maécha 38.7%
2016 Said Ahmed Said Ali 573 0.52% Lost Red XN

Assembly elections

Election Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
37 / 37
Increase 37 Increase 1st Sole legal party
42 / 42
Increase 5 Steady 1st Sole legal party
1992 Boycotted
0 / 42
Decrease 42 Extra-parliamentary
2 / 42
Increase 2 Increase 5th Opposition
2015 2,713 1.51%
0 / 24
Steady Increase10th Extra-parliamentary


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