The natural regions of Belgium
Sub-regions of the Condroz

The Condroz is a natural region in Belgium, located to the north-west of the Ardennes. Its unofficial capital is Ciney. It is a sparsely populated, agricultural area, named after the Condrusi, a Germanic tribe which inhabited the area.

The Condroz consists of low hills of an average altitude of about 200 to 300 meters (670–970 feet). It is mainly situated in the provinces of Liège and Namur and also in smaller parts of the provinces of Hainaut and Luxembourg. It is bordered in the north by the Meuse river and the Pays de Herve, in the east by the Ardennes, in the south by the Calestienne and in the west by the Thiérache and southern Hainaut near the Sambre river.


Coordinates: 50°18′N 5°00′E / 50.3°N 5.0°E / 50.3; 5.0

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