Congress of New Caledonia

Congress of New Caledonia

Congrès de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
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Seats54 members
Congrès de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (2)2 2019.svg
Political groups
Pro-independence bloc (26)
  • UCFLNKS (13)
  • UNI (11)
  • LKS (1)
  • PT (1)

Anti-separatist bloc (25)

Neutral (3)

  • EO (3)
Last election
12 May 2019
Meeting place
Nouméa, New Caledonia

The Congress of New Caledonia (French: Congrès de la Nouvelle-Calédonie), a "territorial congress" (congrès territorial or congrès du territoire), is the legislature of New Caledonia. It has 54 members who serve five-year terms, selected proportionally based on the partisan makeup of all three assemblies of the provinces of New Caledonia with a 5% threshold.

Results of parliamentary elections

Preliminary results of the 12 may 2019 election

Party Seats +/-
Future with Confidence 18 +5
National Union for Independence 9 +2
Caledonian UnionFLNKS 9 –1
Caledonia Together 7 –8
Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front 6 +2
Oceanian Awakening 3 New
Labour Party 1 +1
Kanak Socialist Liberation 1
Anti-independence 28 –1
Pro-independence 26 +1
Total 54
Source: Franceinfo

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