Council of Ministers (Belgium)

The Council of Ministers (French: Conseil des ministres; Dutch: Ministerraad) is the supreme executive organ of the Federal Government of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is a cabinet composed of the Prime Minister, who leads it, and up to fourteen senior ministers.[1] Federal secretaries of state (junior ministers) are members of the government, but not part of the Council.[2] The King of the Belgians historically presided over the Council, but this has not happened since 1957.[3] The Council of Ministers formally became a permanent policy structure with the constitutional revision of 1970.[4]

List Council of Belgium

The De Croo Government is the incumbent Federal Government of Belgium, to be led by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo from 1 October 2020.[5]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister
Prime Minister Alexander De Croo1 October 2020IncumbentOpen Vld
Deputy Prime Ministers
Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem1 October 2020IncumbentCD&V
Minister of Mobility and the National Railway Company Georges Gilkinet1 October 2020IncumbentECOLO
Minister of Civil Service Petra De Sutter1 October 2020IncumbentGroen
Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs, Trade, and bicultural institutions Sophie Wilmès (replaced during illness by David Clarinval)1 October 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Justice and the North Sea Vincent Van Quickenborne1 October 2020IncumbentOpen Vld
Minister of Economy and Employment Pierre-Yves Dermagne1 October 2020IncumbentPS
Minister of Health and Social Affairs Frank Vandenbroucke1 October 2020Incumbentsp.a
Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden1 October 2020IncumbentCD&V
Minister of Defence Ludivine Dedonder1 October 2020IncumbentPS
Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Zakia Khattabi1 October 2020IncumbentECOLO
Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten1 October 2020IncumbentGroen
Minister of the Middle Class, SMEs, Self-employed, Agriculture, and Institutional Affairs David Clarinval1 October 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Development Cooperation and Urban Policy Meryame Kitir1 October 2020Incumbentsp.a
Minister of Pensions, Social Integration, Fighting Poverty and Disabled Persons Karine Lalieux1 October 2020IncumbentPS
Secretaries of State
Secretary of State for Scientific Policy and Exit Policy Thomas Dermine [fr]1 October 2020IncumbentPS
Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Sammy Mahdi1 October 2020IncumbentCD&V
Secretary of State for Digital Agenda, Administrative Simplification, Privacy and Property Management Mathieu Michel (politician) [fr]1 October 2020IncumbentMR
Secretary of State for Budget and Consumer Affairs Eva De Bleeker [nl]1 October 2020IncumbentOpen Vld
Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Rights and Diversity Sarah Schlitz1 October 2020IncumbentECOLO
Commissioner charged with fighting the consequences of the Coronavirus Pedro Facon6 October 2020IncumbentIndependent


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