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Crafton Hills College
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34°2.45′N 117°6.05′W / 34.04083°N 117.10083°W / 34.04083; -117.10083Coordinates: 34°2.45′N 117°6.05′W / 34.04083°N 117.10083°W / 34.04083; -117.10083
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AffiliationsSan Bernardino Community College District

Crafton Hills College is a community college in Yucaipa, California. It opened in 1972 and much of the college is built on land that Ruben and Lester Finklestein donated through their foundation The Finkelstein Foundations. The original donation included 167 acres of land in 1966 with 76 more acres in 1970 and finally donating 251 acres of additional land. Crafton Hills College now serves approximately 6,200 students each semester with both evening and night classes.

Crafton Hills offers 37 degree programs and 35 occupational certificate plans.

Crafton Hills College publishes the annual art and literature magazine The Sand Canyon Review. This magazine is produced each spring semester, since its revival in the spring of 2008. The Sand Canyon Review has hosted work by noted writers and artists alike.[who?]

Crafton has a two-year Respiratory Care program, leading up to an RRT, a Radiology program operated cooperatively by Crafton and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and is also the site of a California State Fire Training Academy.

The Crafton Hills College paramedic program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

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