Daniel Ciugureanu

Daniel Ciugureanu
Dr. Daniel Ciugureanu.jpg
Prime Minister of Moldova
In office
January 16, 1918 – April 8, 1918
PresidentIon Inculeț
Preceded byPantelimon Erhan
Succeeded byPetru Cazacu
Personal details
Born(1885-12-09)December 9, 1885
Șirăuți, Bessarabia Governorate
DiedMay 19, 1950(1950-05-19) (aged 64)
Sighetu Marmației

Daniel Ciugureanu (December 9, 1885,[1] Șirăuți, Russian Empire – May 19, 1950[2] Sighet Prison, România) was a Romanian politician from Bessarabia, deputy in Sfatul Țării from Chisinau, Prime minister of the Moldavian Democratic Republic from January 29 [O.S. January 16] 1918 - April 21 [O.S. April 8] 1918, Minister for Bessarabia in four Romanian Governments, Deputy and Senator, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, Vice-President and President of the Senate of Kingdom of Romania.

Ciugureanu was one of the founders and leaders of the National Moldavian Party and one of the promoters of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania.

On January 24 / February 6, 1918, the Sfatul Țării voted unanimously to proclaim the independence of the Moldavian Democratic Republic. The Board of Directors became the Council of Ministers, and Ciugureanu was elected Prime Minister of the new republic. In fact, it was a reconfirmation of the function in the light of the fact that he was elected First Director on 16 January / 29 January 1918. After the Union of Bessarabia with Romania he served as minister for Bessarabia in four Romanian governments from 9 April / 22 April 1918 – 30 November 1919.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Pantelimon Erhan
Prime Minister of Moldova
January 30 [O.S. January 17] 1918 - April 21 [O.S. April 8] 1918
Succeeded by
Petru Cazacu

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