Daniel in the Lions' Den (painting)

Daniel in the Lions' Den
Daniel in the Lion's Den c1615 Peter Paul Rubens.jpg
Mediumoil paint, canvas
Dimensions224.2 cm (88.3 in) × 330.5 cm (130.1 in)
LocationNational Gallery of Art
IdentifiersRKDimages ID: 28802

Daniel in the Lions' Den is a c.1614–1616 painting by the Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens, now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

The subject is from the Book of Daniel, 6:1–28. Rubens modelled the lions on a Moroccan subspecies, examples of which were then in the Spanish governor's menagerie in Brussels. In 1618 he acquired more than a hundred pieces of classical sculpture, in exchange for this painting, eight others and a sum of money.

Although the painting shows Daniel as a young man,[1] according to the biblical chronology Daniel would have been over eighty years old at the time of the incident depicted.[2]


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