Distinguished Intelligence Medal

Distinguished Intelligence Medal
Distinguished Intelligence Medal.jpg
Awarded by Central Intelligence Agency
CountryUnited States of America
EligibilityEmployees of the Central Intelligence Agency
Awarded for"For performance of outstanding services or for achievement of a distinctly exceptional nature in a duty or responsibility, the results of which constitute a major contribution to the mission of the Agency."
Next (higher)Distinguished Intelligence Cross
Next (lower)Intelligence Star
RelatedNational Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Intelligence Medal is awarded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for performance of outstanding services or for achievement of a distinctly exceptional nature in a duty or responsibility.[1]

Notable recipients

This list includes only those publicly acknowledged to have received this award. Due to the nature of the clandestine services, an unknown number of additional individuals may have been awarded this medal in secret for actions on classified missions.

CIA medals are often referred to as "jock strap medals" since they are often awarded secretly (due to the classification level of the respective operation) and cannot be displayed, or on occasion, acknowledged publicly.

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