Dorin Recean

Dorin Recean
Minister of Interior
In office
24 July 2012 – 18 February 2015
PresidentNicolae Timofti
Prime MinisterVlad Filat
Iurie Leancă
Preceded byAlexei Roibu
Succeeded byOleg Balan
Personal details
Born (1974-03-17) 17 March 1974 (age 45)
Alma materAcademy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Newport International University

Dorin Recean (born 17 March 1974) is a Moldovan academic and politician, who has been serving as interior minister of Moldova since July 2012 to February 2015.

Early life and education

Recean was born in Donduşeni on 17 March 1974.[1] In 1996, he graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova with a bachelor's degree in international business management.[2] Then he obtained a master's degree in business administration from Newport International University's Belgium branch in 2000.[2]


Recean started his career as a lecturer in 1995 at his alma mater, the Academy of Economic Studies, and continued to teach there until 2007.[3] From 2002 to 2010 he also worked in different firms in various capacities. He also taught at the Chisinau-based Newport International University from 2000 to July 2012.[3]

In January 2010 Recean has been appointed deputy-minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), where he has been responsible for implementing new secure documents, including the bio-metric passport, as part of the visa-liberalization action plan. He has been a member of the Governmental Task Force on Visa-liberalization with the EU.

In July 2012, he was appointed interior minister to the cabinet led by Vlad Filat, replacing Alexei Roibu.[4][5] On 31 May 2013, Recean was reappointed interior minister to the cabinet led by Prime Minister Iurie Leancă.[6][7]

Immediately after the November 2014 elections, Recean announced he would pursue a private business career in FinTech.[8] He is currently promoting ICT technologies in the field of mobile remittances and payments with the aim at broadening the access of migrant workers and their relatives to secure and affordable money transfers and payments.

Personal life

Recean is married and has two children.[2]


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