Driss Chraïbi

Driss Chraïbi
Born(1926-07-15)July 15, 1926
El Jadida, Morocco
DiedApril 1, 2007(2007-04-01) (aged 80)
Crest, France

Driss Chraïbi (July 15, 1926, El Jadida – April 1, 2007, Drôme, France) was a Moroccan author whose novels deal with colonialism, culture clashes, generational conflict and the treatment of women and are often semi-autobiographical.[1]

Born in El Jadida and educated in Casablanca, Chraïbi went to Paris in 1946 to study chemistry before turning to literature and journalism.


His first novel, The Simple Past, was published in 1954.

Other works by Driss Chraïbi:

  • Butts (1955)
  • From All Horizons (1956)
  • The Crowd (1961)
  • Heirs to the Past (1962)
  • The Ass (1965)
  • A Friend Is Coming To See You (1967)
  • Mother Comes of Age (1972)
  • The Flutes of Death (1981)
  • The Mother of Springtime (1982)
  • Birth at Dawn (1986)
  • Inspector Ali (1991)

Chraïbi wrote two children's books.


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