Duchess of Cornwall

Duchess of Cornwall
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since 9 April 2005
StyleHer Royal Highness
Member ofBritish royal family
Term lengthAs long as married to the Duke of Cornwall

Duchess of Cornwall is a courtesy title held by the wife of the duke of Cornwall. The Dukedom of Cornwall is a non-hereditary peerage title held by the British monarch's eldest son and heir. The current duchess is Camilla, wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.[1]


Duchess of Cornwall was one of the titles of Diana, Princess of Wales.[2]

The only women who have been known as duchesses of Cornwall are Princess Mary of Teck, who used the title from January to November 1901, and Camilla Parker Bowles, who assumed title upon her marriage to Prince Charles in 2005. The latter does not use the title of Princess of Wales because it is still popularly associated with her husband's first wife, Diana, who died in 1997.[3]

Duchesses of Cornwall

Person Name Birth Marriage Became Duchess of Cornwall Spouse Change in style Death
Joan of Kent.jpg Joan, 4th Countess of Kent 19 September 1328 10 October 1361 Edward of Woodstock 7 June 1376
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of Cornwall
7 August 1385
Anne Neville portrait.jpg Lady Anne Neville 11 June 1456 13 December 1470 Edward of Westminster 4 May 1471
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of Cornwall;
later became Queen Consort as the wife of Richard III
16 March 1485
Catalina de Aragón, por un artista anónimo.jpg Infanta Catherine of Aragon 16 December 1485 14 November 1501 Arthur Tudor 2 April 1502
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of Cornwall;
later became Queen Consort as the wife of Henry VIII
7 January 1536
Caroline Wilhelmina of Brandenburg-Ansbach by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt.jpg Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach 1 March 1683 22 August 1705 1 August 1714 Prince George 11 June 1727
Husband acceded to throne as George II;
became Queen Consort
20 November 1737
Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales by Charles Philips cropped.jpg Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 30 November 1719 17 April 1736 Prince Frederick 31 March 1751
Husband's death;
became Dowager Duchess of Cornwall
8 February 1772
Caroline of Brunswick.jpg Duchess Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel 17 May 1768 8 April 1795 Prince George 29 January 1820
Husband acceded to throne as George IV;
became Queen Consort
7 August 1821
Alexandra of Denmark02.jpg Princess Alexandra of Denmark 1 December 1844 10 March 1863 Prince Albert Edward 22 January 1901
Husband acceded to throne as Edward VII;
became Queen Consort
20 November 1925
Mary of Teck 4.jpg Princess Mary of Teck 26 May 1867 6 July 1893 22 January 1901 Prince George 6 May 1910
Husband acceded to throne as George V;
became Queen Consort
24 March 1953
BEST ALL-TIME DIANA! (5113074392).jpg Lady Diana Spencer 1 July 1961 29 July 1981 Prince Charles 28 August 1996
assumed the style of Diana, Princess of Wales
31 August 1997
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with Their Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, at Hyderabad House, in New Delhi on November 08, 2017 (1) (cropped 2).jpg Camilla Parker Bowles 17 July 1947 9 April 2005 Incumbent

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