Duke of Clarence and St Andrews

Coat of Arms of William Henry, Duke of Clarence.svg
Creation date20 May 1789
Monarch George III
PeeragePeerage of Great Britain
First holderThe Prince William Henry
Last holderThe Prince William Henry, 1st Duke of Clarence and St Andrews
Subsidiary titlesEarl of Munster
StatusExtinct – Merged with the Crown on succeeding as King William IV
Extinction date26 June 1830
William IV was styled "HRH The Duke of Clarence" between his creation in 1789 and his accession in 1830

Duke of Clarence and St Andrews was a title awarded to a prince of the British Royal family. The creation was in the Peerage of Great Britain.[1]

While there had been several creations of Dukes of Clarence (and there was later a Duke of Clarence and Avondale), the only creation of a Duke of Clarence and St Andrews was in 1789 for Prince William, third son of King George III. When William succeeded his brother to the throne in 1830, the dukedom merged in the crown.

Dukes of Clarence and St Andrews (1789)

See also Earl of Munster (1789)


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