Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh

Dukedom of Gloucester
and Edinburgh
Coat of Arms of William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh.svg
Creation date19 November 1764
MonarchKing George III
PeeragePeerage of Great Britain
First holderPrince William Henry
Last holderPrince William Frederick
Remainder tothe 1st Duke's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten
Subsidiary titlesEarl of Connaught
Extinction date30 November 1834

Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh (/ˈɡlɒstər/) was a British royal title (after Gloucester and Edinburgh) in the Peerage of Great Britain; the sole creation carried with it the subsidiary title of Earl of Connaught.

The only creation was for the brother of King George III, Prince William; there had previously been Dukes of Gloucester and of Edinburgh, but Prince William's full title was "Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh".

Dukes of Gloucester and Edinburgh

After the Union of Great Britain, the Hanoverian kings liked to grant double titles (one from one constituent country, one from another) to emphasise unity.

Duke Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Prince William Henry
House of Hanover
also: Earl of Connaught (1764)
Prince William 25 November 1743
Leicester House
son of Frederick, Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha
Maria Walpole
3 children
25 August 1805
Gloucester House
aged 61
Prince William Frederick
House of Hanover
also: Earl of Connaught (1805)
Prince William of Gloucester and Edniburgh 15 January 1776
Teodoli Palace
son of Prince William Henry and Maria Walpole
Princess Mary of the United Kingdom
no children
30 November 1834
Bagshot Park
aged 58
Prince William Frederick and Princess Mary had no children and all his titles became extinct on his death.

Family tree

Family tree: Dukes of Gloucester and Edinburgh
King George II
Prince Frederick Louis,
Prince of Wales

King George III
Prince William Henry,
1st Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh

King George IV
King William IV
Prince Edward,
Duke of Kent

Princess Mary
Prince William Frederick,
2nd Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh

Queen Victoria

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